Rolling up 2014
"Hands are almost living beings," Henri Focillon writes in his essay "In Praise of the Hands": "The hand means action: it grasps, it creates, at times it would seem even think" (Alma Ruiz and Henri Focillon. Poetics of the Handmade 25).

The paper has traces made by drawing with graphite, and it shows all the process and movement of paper and hands.

For me, It is drawing by hand, and is delicate and beautiful.

Breathing 2014

Folding traces 2014
I work using paper and materials that have some natural sense, like giving the feeling of having been touched or felt before. Abandoned materials also catch my eyes. I find something valuable and meaningful in them, and when I create something with those materials, they are even stronger for me, like what had no life becomes alive.
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